A Note To Our Readers – Leggo Baby!

Welcome back

After a lapse in time and judgement we’re officially getting back to our routes with a little bit of a rebranding.  While you may have actually made your way over here from a link or redirect on the old LoveThyCider website, we figured if we were going to start over, mineaswell make a splash. 

About 2 years ago we decided to dissolve LoveThyCider as we the team had begun to move and settle down. Unfortunately, in that time our website and social media fell into disarray, and we lost all our amazing content, hundreds if not thousands of reviews have sadly been lost… Or darn, sounds like we’ve got some drinking to do… 

Recently while out of town I found a local cidery owned by a very charming family, after sitting down, trying their amazing variety of in-house Ciders, and having a great conversation over the course of a few hours I realized I never lost my passion for this, I just simply got to busy in life. 

So here we come, LoveThyCider is back as CiderLyfe, where we plan to go even further into the world of Hard Ciders.  Bringing you a behind the scenes look into the minds that bring you the cider that we review.  
Touring the country and eventually the world as we taste our way through it all. 

Please be patient with us as we work to import all of our reviews going back to 2014 into the new space. 

Sincerely – Robert Baldwin
Founder and Editor of LoveThyCider and now CiderLyfe

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