The Infinite Monkey Theorem: Dry Hopped Pear

Cider Name: Dry Hopped Pear

Brewer: The Infinite Monkey Theorem (Denver, CO)

Draft, can or bottle?: 250mL can

APV: 5.6%

Color: Light Gold

Available at: Target (Of all places, haven’t seen anywhere else)

Manufacturer’s Description: A crisp, dry cider with clear pear flavor. Citra and Nelson Sauvin hops add a light grapefruit note. Pair with sunshine & friends, and anything from BBQ to spicy curry. GLINTCAP Gold medal winner.

Our review: It’s not everyday I get excited like it’s Christmas Day when I was 10 years old. Lol. Just kidding, every time I find a craft cider in a place like Target or a supermarket that seems like it just doesn’t belong, I get happier then a pig at slop time. That brings us to The Infinite Monkey Theorem Dy Hopped Pear Cider I picked up at Target. I had to do my homework on the background of this cider maker. This is the only cider they make. (Yes, you read that correctly) The Infinite Monkey Theorem is based out of Denver, CO and they are a winery. (Yes, you read that correctly too!) Quoted from their website “Yes we named our winery after an old mathematical theorem. When you think about it, it’s all about creating order out of a chaotic system and, we would argue, there is nothing more chaotic than growing grapes at 4,500 ft in Colorado and making wine in a warehouse in an alley in a city.  There are an infinite number of variables at play, decisions to be made and possible outcomes.  It is the job of our team to create order out of this inherently chaotic system as we craft our ridiculously good wine.” Based in a 15.000 square foot urban winery in the River North Art District of Denver, they source the Bartlett pears for this brew from 4 hour away Palisade. CO. They mash/pulverize the pears, cold settle, ferment out dry, add yeast that’s clean, crisp and neutral, and age for 4 months in barrels. Once out, they add the dry hops.

The cute little cans this cider comes in remind of Red Bull cans. Not your usual bottles or larger cans. Opening up the can and smelling it, the scent of the hops hit me. I knew then I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Taking my first sip, a dry, fruity taste was noted with a citrus, hoppy ending. Note the dryness I experienced at first was very crisp and refreshing. The hop flavor at the end has a very big and bold bite. You have to love that!

Overall, for being the only cider this company makes, they really did something right here. The price is a little steep for such little cans. Those little cans pack a mean punch. I am quite a fan of hopped ciders, one of my favorite Woodchuck’s Hopsation.  As for The Infinite Monkey Theorem , let’s hope they decide to produce more ciders in the future!