Everyone loves a good looking Ginger right?

I mean im right arnt I?

Name that cider -> Angry Orchard Hard Cider – Apple Ginger

Well hello there good lookin, mind if I take a sip? 

I can’t say the first thing that comes to mind is a Hard Cider, more like a fiery red head, but this is Love Thy Cider so you’re not expecting the latter now are you.  Never tasting much ginger in my days I stumbled upon this flavor of Angry Orchard with a little apprehension.

The presentation is what you would expect out of Angry Orchard – same bottle, same label, with the only changes being the color of the wrapper and of course the flavor.  Orange in color and Apple Ginger in name.

The taste was surprising, if that is what apple ginger tastes like, ill likely take another.
Now while this is an off flavor of the traditional hard cider, I think it is definitely worth the try if you have yet to try it and are just looking to try something a little different.  The taste was not over bearing and the flavor very subtle, more of an after taste then an instant taste.
Pouring some out into cups for a few friends and family members huddled around the TV on this new years night I found myself having to pour more telling them to really take a drink so they could experience the flavor.
The bottom line with this drink is pretty simple, if you want to actually experience it I suggest you start with a sip and then try an actual drink of it to get the after taste.

With any specialty drink I just want to take the time to say this is my independent review of this flavor, everyone has a different set of taste-buds and I enter every drink with an open mind and an open mouth, so while my taste may differ from your own, there is never any harm in trying it for yourself.  If you do, I ask that you post your experience in the comment section of this post.

– RB

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