From across the pond and into our mouth – Thatchers

Thatchers Somerset Pear
Lightly Sparkling Pear Cider
Brewed by Myrtle Farm

First I just want to take a second to say thank you to our UK connections who helped us get this amazing sampling of cider.

When I think of Hard Cider, pear is not the first thing that comes to my mind.  In fact it is pretty far from the closest thing coming to my mind, I think of red apples, trees a plenty, red, gold, and crisp.  I was a bit apprehensive about trying this because it says in big bold letters, PEAR.   Well I guess you do not have much choice on what you want to try when someone takes 2 bottles at and sits them in front of you, besides, as a lover of hard cider, its pretty hard for me to say no, especially to something new.

I would like to walk you through this one, so please stay with me here.
At first crack I could smell something different, something pleasant and relaxing, not as crisp as I am ust to, but a much more soft aroma.  The first sip was something the aroma told me to expect, a nice soft smooth flavor, not too over powering and yet not to dull as to make me want to move on.   As I have never had a pear cider I was a bit afraid of opening this bottle up without someone nearby to hand it off to if I did not like it.  But now I am glad I did.  The taste of pear is definitely there, that you can be assured of, but it is not over powering, over bearing, or sharp, I could sip on this 500ml bottle of cider all night.  But I won’t, because I am greedy and enjoy my cider.

So what say I,
I say drink it, drink it again, and keep drinking it!   I told my friend I wanted to try some real cider, some cider from the UK, the good stuff, the stuff he kept comparing our “american watered down silly version” of the real stuff to. Outside of local off big name cider, this is one of the best ive tried thus far. If you are ever anywhere that happens to have Thatchers, give it a drink, but make sure you have time, this is not one you’ll want to chug down, but enjoy.

So I am giving this 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10.
A great balance between flavor and texture.

Enjoy everyone.