Get Your Gumption On!

Gumption Release Event @ The Abby

The fine folks at Woodchuck held an event that was definitely worth the trip. Not only was there delicious Gumption cider to be had (if you haven’t tried this treat, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go to the store!), there were awesome circus acts featuring a juggler and contortionist.

The scene was not only very circus-like upon walking in, it was almost Hollywood-like.

A Gumption/Woodchuck logo curtain hung by the door for photo opportunities with the performers right out in front of the venue. Carnival themed foods were available to enjoy including corn dogs, fried mac and cheese, churros, and caramel apples.

Woodchuck representatives were on site to speak with you and thank you for coming out.
Woodchuck definitely wanted you to try its main attraction, the Gumption cider.
We loved that they really thought out of the box and used the cider as a mixer for cocktails.
My favorite being “The Ridiculously Strong Dude” 1.5oz of Fireball whisky over ice, topped with Gumption.


A fantastic event from Woodchuck! Food, entertainment, and best of all, Gumption cider!
There definitely needs to be more events like this one.
Ryan T