Review: Woodchuck Cider Day Chaser

Cider Name: Day Chaser

Brewer: Woodchuck Cidery (Middlebury, VT)

Draft, can or bottle?: 12 oz bottle (Available in draft, 12 oz bottles and cans)

ABV: 5.5%

Color: Light Gold Straw Color

Available at: Unknown yet. Going to be a core flavor though.

Manufacturer’s Description: Day chaser celebrates those adventure seekers that never let a minute slip by. This sessionable cider combines bitter and sweet apples to deliver a semi-dry cider that is not too sweet and leaves you thirsty for another. Get the most out of every day and reward yourself as you welcome the night.

Our review:  Note: Thanks to Woodchuck for the samples they sent us! I will however write this review as honest as I can so our followers will have the best review possible.

Wow! Woodchuck releases a dry cider! Unbelievable! Woodchuck sure makes some great ciders, but some sure give you a syrupy taste and seem like diabetes in a bottle. I have been out of my element for a few months now (We had a child at Thanksgiving, we also have a 3 year old and 9 year old) and did not know anything about this and the Private Reserve: Cherry (See our review) coming out! So double shock!

This is Woodchuck’s first core cider since Gumption and the first to utilize the new logo from inception. I enjoy the artsy look of the packaging, I too wish to sit on the mountainside, watch the sunset, and enjoy an ice cold Woodchuck cider. LOL! This product is likely their fire-back at the Angry Orchard Stone Dry (Which I have yet to try, because I can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE!) I hear the Stone Dry is not as dry as you would think. Maybe that’s why Woodchuck is calling it Semi-Dry. Not sure. Enough babbling, let’s get down to trying it.

A very fresh apple scent is noticed when I go to take my first sip. My first thought when it pours onto my tongue is it’s not terribly sweet, but not too dry. It finishes off just how I feel it should, semi-dry. No terrible after taste or bitterness. Woodchuck rates this cider a 2.5 out of 6 on the dry to sweetness scale. It seems like an accurate rating. Before I know it, my sample Day Chaser is GONE! Bummer.

I would really hope Day Chaser makes it into the supermarkets and gas stations of the world. I’d definitely buy it before a traditional Angry Orchard. I can count on the Gumption when I’m looking for the sweeter side.

-Ryan T